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New JET Line of Agricultural Tube Heaters

2/1/2017 4:48 PM

February 2017 - Cleveland, OH

Enerco Group, Inc. is excited to launch the new JET Series Radiant Tube Heaters at the 2017 IPPE Show.  It is widely understood that 40’ & 50’ tube heater floor temperatures decline rapidly along the tube length producing arrowhead shaped floor heat patterns. The result is hot spots near the burner and large cold spots flanking the last tube and gaps between heaters. 

The new JET25 uses a unique ‘jet-like’ flame and 25’ tube system to provide the most even floor temperatures in poultry house installations. Compared to 20’ tube heaters JET25 achieves similar heat coverage with 20-25% fewer heaters.  This means installation and equipment costs are significantly less, saving you money.   

Contact us to learn more about how JET 25 and JET 20 Heaters can cost effectively provide your broiler houses with the most even floor temperatures.

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