Even Heat creates a comfortable space where broilers can eat, drink and grow. As a result, JET® Radiant Tube Heaters provide superior heating efficiency, improved bird performance and operational benefits that can translate to increased profits. The JET25® Model covers 25-60% more floor area directly below the heaters than 10-ft u-tube and 20-ft tube heater designs. Additionally, JET25® burns at 100,000 BTUs delivering 25% greater heat output than competitive premium heaters burning at 80,000 BTUs. And the 10-ft JET-like burner flame also helps us get the house up to target temperatures faster. 

What is the result? Fewer heaters are needed to heat the same area. And when less heaters are used, installation costs go down. The broad, even heat pattern cast by JET Heaters allows for less cold spots and a comfortable environment. Case studies conducted jointly with several integrators have allowed the integrators to reduce their BTU/ft² requirements while improving feed conversion ratios. When this happens, everyone wins. 



Even Heat enhances broiler bird growth. When birds are comfortable, they stay spread out uniformly throughout the house. The broad, even JET® heated floor pattern allows birds to simply move to the nearest feeder or drinker. This bird uniformity tends to yield better feed conversion performance. Where heat is uneven, the birds are more stressed and will burn calories keeping warm, rather than using this energy for weight gain.



Enerco Group was the first supplier of installed radiant gas heaters for industry use in the US, starting in 1957. JET Heaters are the latest innovation in the HeatStar AG product line. JET® Burners are powder coat painted JET® Black, they are fully gasket sealed. 100% of these burners are factory fired and tested. The JET® Heater lighting system helps save farm managers & owners time. The blue light burns when gas is flowing and the green light indicates that electricity is running. At a glance, the operator knows the status of their heaters. And when maintenance is needed, JET® Burners will operate with the side door open. These features save manager’s time.

And JET® Burners connect easily to Chore-Tronics® 3 & 2 Controllers, as well as to all the popular control systems in the market.